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Posterized spatial single-cells in a 2D epithelial patch colored in bands of 1000 microns. Credit: Smit et al. (2022)

Spatially annotated SORT-seq

What happens if you combine SORT-seq and microscopy-based spatial annotation? A group of scientists made that high-tech merger happen, generating a single-cell dataset with high transcript counts and tissue-context information….

MIMETAS Organoplate® technology on the background of pancreatic adenocarcinoma cells

Organs-on-a-chip, RNA sequencing and drug development

Unlocking the secret to effective cancer treatment? The answer could lie in organ-on-a-chip technology. Researchers of MIMETAS are using organs-on-a-chips to mimic the complex conditions of pancreatic ductal adenocarcinoma. A…

Image of a colored mouse embryo in which the habenula is marked by a box

Neuron heterogeneity in the developing mouse brain

Deeply hidden in the brain, the tiny habenula is increasingly associated with different psychological roles. High-scale cellular heterogeneity may explain that multifunctionality. Here, we describe how single-cell RNA sequencing helps…