Saying goodbye to Anna

As you might know, Anna Alemany was the Head of Data Science at Single Cell Discoveries. Recently, she got the fantastic opportunity to start a single-cell focused research group as a PI at the Leiden Medical University Center.

Read on to learn more about her contributions to SCD and her future research.

Anna Alemany’s contributions to SCD

Anna joined SCD as Chief Data Scientist for a period of almost a year. She joined SCD for a temporary function with the agreement that she was exploring positions as a group leader. Now that she is starting her own group, we would like to thank Anna for her contributions to SCD.

She managed to achieve a lot in a short time: she set up new data processing pipelines, supervised R&D projects, and grew our data team from one to three people. This has laid a base for a strong data science department.

Continuing with single-cell research

Anna will continue to pursue her career in the single-cell field. Her new group at the LUMC will focus on searching for the physical principles that guide cell-fate commitment and the characterization of the epigenetic landscape of development, using single-cell RNA sequencing experiments. Soon, information about her group can be found here.

Recent publication

We also want to highlight Anna Alemany’s solely written recent review: Cell differentiation unravelled by single-cell RNA sequencing, published in Europhysics News on November 20. The review focuses on the application of single-cell RNA sequencing to study cell differentiation. Anna describes a mathematical model for cell-fate commitment.

Furthermore, she discusses how the combination of single-cell transcriptomics and genetic lineage tracing can be applied to unravel temporal changes of the potential Waddington landscape during differentiation and characterize gene regulatory networks. Click here to read the full review.

Congrats to Anna on this step in her career! We wish her all the best and look forward to scientific collaborations in the future!