How to start with 10x Genomics

10x Chromium Controller seen from above

In the world of single-cell RNA sequencing, 10x Genomics has made a name for itself as a leading provider of high-throughput solutions. But for those new to the field, the prospect of starting with 10x Genomics solutions can be intimidating. That’s why, in this blog post, we’ll show you how to take the first step.

As a researcher interested in single-cell technologies, you may have already familiarized yourself with the technologies of 10x Genomics. You may have already examined studies of others that use the technology. And you may have already studied which machine or protocol you need for your biological question.

Now, it’s time for you to make a fundamental decision. There are three options for setting up a 10x Genomics experiment. Either you do everything yourself, use the core facility in your institute if that exists, or outsource your project to a CRO. Which one do you choose?

Do everything yourself

Some scientists prefer to do single-cell sequencing within their own group or department. There can be many reasons to choose this option. For example, you might want to keep complete control over the samples. Some see the skills gained as a worthwhile investment of time and money. You need to purchase a 10x Genomics Chromium Controller, reagents, and consumables for this and get educated on how to use it.

Be aware that starting with 10x Genomics from scratch demands significant resources, time, and budget. Moreover, keeping up with 10x Genomics upgrades requires additional resources and budget.

Employ a core facility

Some large academic institutes have a facility dedicated to single-cell sequencing and 10x Genomics solutions—or genomics in general. If so, this is a sensical go-to: the facility is close by, communication can be quick, and you might already be familiar with your colleagues.

It’s also possible for a core facility to work together with a service provider. For example, there’s much to be gained from the service provider’s experience in the start-up phase. Another possibility is that groups perform standard projects in-house while outsourcing projects that require additional methods or extra expertise.

10x Genomics microfluidic chip
10x Chromium Next GEM Chip

Outsource to a CRO

You can outsource your 10x Genomics experiment to a service provider. Single-cell CROs can get certified by 10x Genomics training and evaluation. Yearly recertification then ensures the standards of speed, expertise, and quality. In the world, there are many such certified service providers.

We are one of these service providers. Specifically, we provide two 10x Genomics solutions: Single Cell Gene Expression (click to read more) and Single Cell Immune Profiling, which includes T and B cell receptor sequencing. We can add single-cell protein profiling to 10x Genomics solutions with the CITE-seq method. Besides this, we provide single-cell technologies SORT-seq and VASA-seq services, which could be an excellent alternative to 10x Genomics for specific biological questions and if high throughput is not a prerequisite.

We focus on delivering complete single-cell projects. This means we can guide our clients from start to finish, from project design to data analysis. This option is especially suitable for scientists who work on complex or large single-cell projects, prefer to outsource everything, or may need a bit more guidance. Alternatively, we can facilitate only library preparation and sequencing or data analysis.

Make an informed decision

You could best determine which approach fits your demands with our buying guide and find all relevant information in the 10x Genomics pricing deck. We also gladly pick apart your project in a free consultation meeting. If you have bigger plans, we recommend doing a pilot project with a selection of different service providers.